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Examples of Visual Design and Why I like them.

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on October 10, 2010

As I have mentioned in earlier posts I have a particular interest in fashion advertising, designer brands and interesting clothes lead visual design. The first piece of advertising visual design that I chose was this Westfield London advert. I feel that it is perfect for its purpose, it is spread over a whole page in Grazia. It features a model walking away from a broken cast of herself. Its meant to signify leaving the old behind and walking into “A/W 10” The way in which the model is breaking free is extremely liberating for the customer. For the independant feminist of the 21st Century this is a very provocative image. Its eyecatching as it really says something about not just the product but also the shopper and thats what makes this advert such a great advert.

The plain and simple nature of the image lets the clothes be showcased in the best way whilst still telling a story. The title of the advert is also inkeeping with the simple theme of the advert. ‘FASHION LIVES’ is straight across the middle of the advert very much like a newspaper, a sallacious tabloid headline. It dominates the advert but it very much fits and isn’t too overpowering. Just enough to catch the customers eye.

Then at the bottom of the advert we are reminded what the producers of this piece are actually advertising. I think this is the case simply because it doesnt matter very much. Its almost secondary to the advert itself, simply a formality.

The fact that the shopping centre is in London and is actually miles away from where the magazine is being distributed is actually not really much of a problem either. The advert shows such a desirable, aspirational image for women that I believe people would be willing to travel to shop there.


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