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Useful resources for Visual Design.

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on October 10, 2010

When looking for a visual design resource that I thought would be useful to my colleagues the first site that came to mind was one that I used almost every week when studying Graphic Design at the City of Wolverhampton College. www.sxc.hu is a stock photo site that provides free photos that can be used for any purpose. Copyrights are avoided and the material could be used to make pieces of visual design.

It includes a search engine so images can be easily found and also features images that can be paid for but the majority on the site are free to download.

I think the site is perfect for the up and coming designers that simple can’t afford to pay for images. Its good for designers to build a portfolio for showing perspective clients what they can do.

During this particular exercise I have fully realised the use of working together as a group and sharing our knowledge. When it comes to Visual Design, a second opinion or someone elses expertise is totally priceless. I will definitely be talking to other members of the class more to really pool all of our talents and expertise.


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