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What is good design?

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on October 10, 2010


A personal interest of mine is fashion photography and design, so when researching ‘what makes good design?’ it was natural for me to begin in the pages of publications such as Vogue and Grazia. Each issue includes hundreds of peices of visual design so looking for the best ones was a very difficult process. A particular designer that I loved was Steven Meisel, he is a world renowned American Photographer and Designer and is most well known for his work in Vogue. His work is always particularly eye catching and very detailed. The intrecate patterns on this particular piece caught my eye and the imaginative way in which the pattern gains depth by growing out of the background and taking over the model. Also the way in which all the patterns are totally different and quite jarring and yet they all fit together so well. I would like to use this technique within my own work as I think it really works to draw the eye in and keeps the viewer interested for a alot longer than a plain repetitive and boring pattern would.

When looking further at the work of Steven Meisel it seems that he uses this technique. All of his pieces have a lot of features and tiny details which I find extremely effective. This particular piece was from a shoot that Meisel did for Vogue in 2007 entitled Patterns for 2008.

After thorough research I believe there are several things that make good design.

  • An understanding of your audience.
  • Understanding of media texts and contexts.
  • Full understanding of tools and techniques.
  • Understanding how to craft messages using the tools at their command.

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