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An interesting type case study…

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on October 13, 2010

After looking thoroughly at type and typography I have chosen VOGUE and specifically the November issue as a type case study. I believe its a good case study simply because it showcases so many different fonts and type in an effective and original way.

The obvious centre of the page to draw to readers attention is the model, Lara Stone’s eyes. As they are the darkest colour featured on the page they stand out, also the fact that they arn’t totally straight means the eye is even more occupied.

The reader then begins to look around the eyes, drawn to the large famous VOGUE logo.  After research I have discovered that the specific font used in the vogue was made for them and has not been released. However I have found a font that is extremely close. It is called Bauer Bodoni, it is a serif font.

Serif Fonts have small hooks at the end of letters, this has connotations of tradition, reliability and trustworthiness.I believe this is precisely why Vogue has used it for their logo. It is how the whole world knows Vogue and it is such a massive brand. It has definitely been conciously chosen to promote the brand as that of a traditional, trust worthy and credible magazine. It is then complemented with the san Serif font of the sub headings (all but one) San serif font has no hooks at the end of the letters and in comparison has connotations of being modern and up-t0-date. Being a fashion magazine this is vital to Vogue, they are constantly wanting to be at the forefront of fashion and a modern image is exactly want they need.

The contrast with the traditional definitely makes the magazine stand out on the shelf. A vital skill for any magazine in the fight for readership.

I also think the amount of type that is on the front of the magazine makes the cover stand out. All the space around the outside of the cover is taken up by font and titles of features in the magazine, this is to make the reader excited.

SOOOOO many things to read.

So many different sizes, to keep the eye interested.

An extremely exciting and affective front cover and only one picture. The type is what pulls in the reader!


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