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Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on October 13, 2010

Week 2 Type and Typography

Using Type and several fonts I created this business card for myself. I liked the simple,eyecatching style and will definitely be developing on this piece in the future. This piece really shows how much you can do and how affective a piece can be by simply using type alone.

I also used the InDesign application to experiment with different types and typography, after looking at a lot of other advertisements and examples of design I found that it is common practice for designers to apply aspects of the actual word to the font that it is written in. For example, the word stretch could be stretched. After experimenting using InDesign I found that this method is extremely effect. Below you will find my efforts. I will definitely be using this technique in my own work.

The things that you can do w

ith text to make it more exciting really is endless and relatively simple.

I managed to create both the business card and the typography experiments with very little knowledge of the InDesign software.

We were then set the task of extending our business card and involving the name of the company, Bright Ideas. I found this extremely hard as my lack of knowledge really held me back, when it came to the software that we had to use. However I did really like the business card the way that it is, I therefore began to look at other options and how I could bring in a logo in some form without ruining the original business card.

I looked at some more modern business cards and found that business had began to use both sides of the card. As the design was spreading and growing, designers needed more room. I took that idea and used it in my design.

I designed the back of the card to include the new logo, I used a lot of font, as I did on the front and kept the colour scheme to black and white because I wanted to tie it in with the design that featured on the front. I then thought that unlike the front of the business card that is quite simple, I decided to go the other way and pack this side of the card with image and detail. I began by using the name of the business, BRIGHT IDEAS and simply repeated it over and over using the font Times New Roman as I thought this would be particularly eye catching. I wanted to create the effect of a picture that you have to stare at for a long period of time and the picture will appear. Instead though I simple added the words BRIGHT IDEAS on top of the black writing in white. It stands out but not too much so the effect is maintained and the picture makes the viewer really focus.

The main thing with business cards is that they have to stand out, there are millions of other business cards floating about in wallets all over the world and I wanted mine to stand out as an individual and original piece.

It catches the eye initially because it looks nonsensical but it maintains the view by becoming clearer.

Also I liked the irony of the image, it is advertising the company BRIGHT IDEAS however it isn’t bright at all.

I also toyed with the idea of using something that showed the bright ideas logo on the front but I really don’t think it worked quite as well…I think it looks basic and amateur.

I might be basic and amateur but it doesn’t have to be obvious.

All in all I believe I did have a good idea that could have been expanded on further. I have however learnt from this exercise that I have to brush up my skills in InDesign if I want to move forward with Visual Design.


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