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Logo for my humble abode.

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When given the task to make a logo for my house I began my search by looking at other logos, other companies and business’ that are already established to see what really works. I think the main themes that I should maintain within my logo will be:

  • Simple (something simple and bold)
  • Memorable (something that will stick in the mind of consumers)
  • Relevant (keeping in mind not only the product but also the customer)
  • Current (it’s important to stand out but standing out for the right reasons is key)
  • Individual (it can’t look like anything thats been before it, we don’t want people to be confused)

I began to brainstorm ideas with the people that this logo is meant to represent, my family. This was mainly to help me make up a better picture of what would actually fit for the purpose.

I then began to look at other logos from established companies as I thought they might give me extra inspiration when coming to design my own. It would be a good indication of what works and what really is a good logo.

My first reference point was http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/. I found that, as i suspected it was the simpliest logos that worked the best. All the biggest companies had either just a word or just a word and one picture to represent themselves. I have inserted some of my favourites and would like to use them as refernce rfor my own.

  • Simple
  • Vibrant
  • Small picture
  • Helvetica font (easily read)

Again simple

Larger picture

Good use of positioning

Dont like the mixture of fonts

  • Again simple
  • I like the black Cat feature
  • Like the way that the picture is involved in the text
  • The z instead of an s is terrible

Like the way that the picture is incorporated within the text

Again, vibrant yet simple

More colour


I think that the best logo to use would be simple. Not too much colour, not too many words and something that people will remember and will be attached to the brand.

After consulting my family I think the cat would be a good picture to use within the logo so I’d like to do a bit more research into cats and what they symbolise.

  • The Ancient Egyptians thought of them as royalty and put them on pedestals.
  • Cats are also used to symbolise instinct and feeling.
  • Cats also symbolise women.
  • ‘While we normally associate cats with independence, cats can also symbolize vulnerability’

I think therefore they would be perfect…

I want to add some text and after playing with some designs, my final piece is…

During our workshop lesson I had used type in many different ways and really liked over laying text and creating a bit of a different dimension by turning the a around.

I have then added a picture but kept it very simple with a cat eye.

I wanted to keep the colour scheme simple so stuck with black and white.

I think the font, being Serif makes the word look more feminine and feline and is very much inkeeping with the theme of the logo.

I have also since shown the logo to my family and they believe it to be very representative of them and the house. I believe that this logo, however basic has been quite sucessful for a first attempt. I would, however like to further my knowledge of the tools and tricks when making logos to make it better in the future.

I would also like to further my knowledge of the industry and my creativity when it comes to design.

I think I can do better…


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