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New Street, Moor Street, Snow Hill.

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on October 24, 2010

New street is very much the main train station in the centre of Birmingham. It links Birmingham to the rest of the country and that is plainly obvious when from the interior and exterior decor of the station. Its extremely commercialised and there is adverts and design everywhere. The station is modern and full of clean lines as you would expect from such a heavily used station it creates a certain impact when you enter the station. The signs are eyecatching, to the point and informative.

The station is used by over 41 million commuters every year and the designs of the building and the advertisers inside the building have most definitely taken that into account. The comparison with the other stations in the city couldn’t be more different.

The Moor Street station is a small walk away however the difference is obvious. Unlike the modern signage in New street station at Moor Street the signs have been embossed into wood and then painted over to create this traditional look. The exposed brickwork and greenery again add to the look. It is more laid back than New Street, the feeling of leisure and tradition breezes over you from the moment you enter the station. The signage gives the impression of travelling on a turn of the century seaside holiday rather than rushing to a meeting.

In comparison, snow hill station is a lot like New street. It is very much used for commuters to get to work. It is situated in the business sector of the city centre and that is evident from the station itself. At Snow Hill there is nothing for commuters to do while at the station, it is simply a platform for trains and nothing else. Unlike New Street that is situated in a shopping centre and has several different shops and places to eat inside the station itself. This is a reflection of the amount of commuters and simply what they are using the station for. The lack of signage here is very telling of the stations uses, it is purely for the worker, the signage is very focus towards that no nonsense “I need to be somewhere” attitude.





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