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Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on October 28, 2010


When looking at the issue of brands using colour I decided to look firstly at Calpol. The child’s medicine is famous within the UK and the purple and pink colour scheme is heavily associated with the medicine. The designers of the bottle have most definitely taken into account the message that they would like to put across when designing the bottle and the box.

The purple has connotations of calm and relaxation while the dash of pink is almost a cheeky accent, maybe suggesting that the calm won’t be around for long after the Calpol has been taken.

Purple also has connotations of tradition and trustworthyness, vital, as parents are putting their trust in the medicine every time they give it to their children.

The success of the colour scheme for this particular product is obvious as it hasn’t been changed at all in the entire lifetime of the product. The logo itself has stayed almost exactly the same and the only change has been a slight adjustment in the font that appears.

The colour has also been used on other products in the Calpol range such as tablets and thermometers and it has taken its success with it and it still is calming parents all over the world today.


Secondly I have chosen a totally different brand, Chanel is famed as being a sophisticated and traditional fashion brand. It uses black and white and often accents of gold and the designers of the logo, although simple have really taken this into account. Chanel was founded in 1909 and in those times colour might have been seen as quite common and black and white is simpler and more importantly classier. Chanel also has a very famous suit that is simply black with white trim and that also comes to mind when you look at the logo.

Even in the 21st century the ethos of Chanel has stayed somewhat the same and its creative director Karl Lagerfield very rarely shows any kind of colour in his shows, further keeping the association with the colours black and white and further cementing the brand as that of a traditional, classy and sophisticated clothing label.



Thirdly I would like to look at the very expensive and very powerful brand of Ferrari. Within their logo they use a range of colours, yellow, red, black and green. Again the designers of the logo have been very calculated in the decision to use these particular colours. First of all the green and red are used to signify the Italien flag, other than the fact that it is the place where the car is made there is also a widely held belief that Italien men are very swarve, very sophisticated and high rollers, that could get any woman that they wanted. With the Ferrari logo they are very much selling a lifestyle and an image rather than just a car.

The horse design also has connotations of speed and the definition between that and the yellow background means that it really pops out.

Yellow also makes the view think of freshness, new, young, trendy? Again selling the lifestyle.

I personally believe that this logo is focused  mainly on men and seems to me very masculine, the colours are also quite masculine and the designers have quite plainly done a good job.

You only have to look at the history of the company and the fact that the logo has never changed to see that it is very very effective and that it really is selling the brand.


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