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Colour and Politics.

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on October 30, 2010

For anyone that knows anything about politics the use of colour is evidently vital. The two main colours in British politics are Blue and Red and they have been for many many years. First of all the Labour party.

After being founded in 1900 the labour party have always used the colour red, it is listed on their website as their ‘official colour’ which shows how important it is to the group. Red is commonly used to symbolise courage and also sacrifice, something that the Labour party heavily believe in. Examples of this can be found not only in the Labour party logo but also in the flags of many different countries for example, USA and Britain.

In Christianity, red is a very important colour, it is used all the time to signify the blood of those that have died and suffered for the faith.

The term “red-blooded” also describes someone who is audacious, robust, or virile another image that i’m sure the Labour party would like to give across to their voters.

Also at the time that the logo was created politics was extremely male dominated, that may explain the masculine influence and the red theme.

The red rose is also featured heavily in the party’s campaigns as it is the national Flower, it has connotations of patriotism and gives the impression that they are very proud and involved in the country that they represent. Also, within the UK the rose is very heavily associated with the monarchy, the Labour party have close relations with the Queen and the royal family and this maybe something they want to promote.

Secondly I would like to highlight the Conservative party logo. First I would like to add that it has been changed ALOT since the party began, perhaps suggesting that it isn’t quite as strong and clear a message as that of the Labour Party. Like the Labour party they have used a very strong colour and once again they have an ‘official colour’ blue.

Blue has connotations of happiness and optimism, for example everybody feels better when the skys are blue and the sun is out. However particularly in western countries, the colour blue is used to signify male and masculinity, when compared to pink, female. Although this isn’t true in most countries it is most definitely true within the UK and again we can see the connection with the masculine nature of politics.

Then if you compare those two to the Liberal Democrats Logo we can see that the designers of this logo have probably been the most calculated and thoughtful when they designed it. The Lib Dems are the youngest of the three parties and have consciously used a totally separate colour from the other parties when designing their logo.

The Liberal Democrats official colour is yellow, it has very positive connotations of happiness and vibrancy, however on the other hand yellow also denotes cowardliness and also deceit.

Unlike the other parties, yellow isn’t a very strong, powerful colour. Instead it is gentle and moderate. Maybe a concious decision by the designer to display the liberal and democratic nature of the party.

In conclusion, I believe that the colours that the parties use are very much telling a story about what the parties want to say and what they are about. They have cleverly been chosen to show the voter exactly what they wanted to.

A prime example of how colour can really be the corner stone of logo design.


Photos courtesy of their respective parties websites.


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  1. EmmaBuckley-BCU said, on November 3, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Oh Emma this is so so clever, love this post :))!

  2. emmajaneallen said, on November 3, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    Thank you 🙂 and may I say, congratulations on being my very first ever comment!!! x

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