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Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 10, 2010


I chose this particular advert to investigate because I think the colour are very interesting when looked at in conjunction with what the advert is trying to do.

As is often evident within sucessful adverts the colour scheme is very minimal, the maker has tended to stick with cremes, golds and with accents of red.

The creme and gold colours have been used to show opulence and wealth, luxuriant grandeur. Something that Chanel want to show their customers and make the customer think that is what they are getting when they buy the product.

They have then used the film, classic almost 1920’s looking  images to make the advert even more desirable.

The primary interest for any perfume advert is to make the consumer see a desirable and aspirational image and for the customer to want that for themselves.

The makers have then accented the gold, diamonds and cremes with the red dress. Just to make Keira Knightley look like the belle of the ball, it suggests that she is a film star and that she will get her man and those are all things that the customer wants for themselves.

Chanel’s designers have also used a lot of diamonds to again accentuation the rich, opulent theme of the advert.

All in all i think that they have used colour within this advert particularly effectively to set a certain theme within the piece.



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