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How can I source images?

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 10, 2010

The best thing to do when looking for images is to begin by looking at image stock websites.

The traditional way of searching would usually be straight to Google Images, but there are a few problems with this process.

  • Who do those pictures belong to? Most of the images on Google images have been copyrighted and using them in your own work could have serious repercussions.
  • What size are they? There isn’t really an effective way of checking the size and quality of the image when finding them on Google, they may look perfectly useful when viewed on the internet but the quality of the image would be clear within the finished product.

One way however to solve these two problems is to use a credible photo stock site. The photos are displayed in such a way that you know exactly who the photos belongs to and whether it will cost you at all to use the photos within your work. As you can see in the example (to the right) you can even search using the criteria of ‘royality free’ so you can be sure that you won’t be charged for using the image within your own work.

What makes a good site? For me, the main thing is simply the amount of images. A perfect site would be one that you could type ANYTHING into and still obtain some results.

Then the quality of the images themselves, the ppi is vital for the image to look good within your final work.

Also the quality of the images as far what the image is of and what is featured within the photos.


Some of the best sites that I found that featured all of these things are listed below…


1.    Stock.xchng – Its a very simple site to navigate around and great quality images. It is one of the best sites that I have found with free and shared images on it and you can search for anything simply using keywords. Also along side this site stock.xchng run a site called stock expert where you can buy images for as little as $1.


2.  Jupiter Images Stock Photos – This site claims to have the biggest collection of stock photography in the world and it has a massive and varied collection of all kinds of images.  When navigating the site it certainly seems that this is the case.


3. iStockPhoto – On this particular website it enables the photographer or creator of images to receive a cut of the profits when they are sold. It does have a wide range of photos however they arn’t quite upto the standard of the previous two sites but they would most definitely be very helpful for any piece of work.


4. Getty Images – being such a well known website this particular site is very heavily used and thus there are very many photos on there.  This is however not the place to find free to use photos so I don’t think its very good for students such as myself to use within their work but it does have a lot of very good images.


There are thousands of sites on the net that are devoted to stock images and photo hosting however these are simply the ones I found within my research and the ones that I found the most helpful.




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