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Red belongs to Coca Cola…

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 10, 2010

After years and years of advertising it has saturated every part of 21st century life and quite naturally some of the bigger brands have laid claim to colours and brand awareness has stepped up to not only make customers

think of them when they see the logo itself but also when they see something as simple as the colour of the brand.

An example of this would be the COCA COLA brand, for years they have used the colour red to identify themselves within the market.


So what exactly is Coca Cola red?

The consistency of the use of red has established Coca Cola within the market. Most famously the Coca Cola red has gone so far as to change the colour of SANTA! It has been very heavily reported that Santa’s suit was often depicted in green untill the Coca Cola brand turned it red to fit with their advertisements. Although it is documented that Santa was sometimes did wear red before Coca Cola they made it famous and popularised the colour red not only in association with themselves but also with Santa and Christmas.

Coca Cola’s ownership and power with regards to the colour red can also be seen when looking at other brands, for example Pepsi, Tango, Irn Bru, Fanta, NO other fizzy drinks brands ever use the colour red. Simply because they know the power and the ownership that Coca Cola have over the colour red. Using the same colour would just be totally¬†unsuccessful.

Colour and Ownership

Although Coca Cola is probably the most obvious example of colour ownership there are definitely hundreds more examples when looking at colour branding and adverts.

The sign of a good effective brand is one that can lay claim to something as universal as a colour and make it their own.



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