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Photographic Case Study pt.1

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 11, 2010

When looking for an interesting photographic case study to investigate I immediately thought of the recent Conservative Campaign that featured in the Media before the 2010 election. It features a very heavily retouched photo of David Cameron (now prime minister) with the Conservative’s blue colour scheme so that the viewer knows what the advert is about and what it is trying to say. However, I think the photo was slightly miss judged and could have been made fun of due to the extent of the retouching, the last thing that a political party need in the run up to an election.

It is quite obvious that the Conservative campaign have attempted to make the advert seem honest and upfront by making Cameron look straight into the eyes of the viewer in a ‘I wouldn’t lie to you’ way. They have also maintained the colour scheme that the Conservative party usually use as they want that loyalty and rememberance to be there from the voters and as detailed in earlier posts the colour blue does have many positive connotations.

It is also suprisingly like their Labour counterparts previous campaign from years before, however this featured Tony Blair, almost lurking in the shadows. Seemingly stepping forward to help ‘because Britain deserves better.’ I think although years before this one was judged slightly better because the photo isn’t as retouched and it looks a lot more credible.

…And as predicted the photo and campaign was made fun of not only by the press but in this case the opposition actually took this oppurtunity to use it in their own favour and turned the Conservative’s own ad back on themselves.
‘They need more than an airbrush to make their policies sound appealing’

‘Airbrushed for change’

‘IS what you see what you’d get?’

I personally found this an interesting photographic case study because the Conservative press department quite clearly thought that this campaign would be a sucessful one, although the airbrushing and the cheesiness of the advert they thought it would be good for the campaign and would promote the Conservative brand at the time when they needed it the most, the election, however it only became obvious when the adverts had been roled out all over the country and pasted on banners EVERYWHERE that maybe such a heavily airbrushed picture wasn’t the best idea. However they did win so it can’t have done quite as much damage as they thought at the time of the scandal.

This campaign then prompted hundreds of other adverts poking fun at the original :


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