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Photographic Case Study. pt.2

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 11, 2010

For my second photographic case study I have chosen to look at the famous billboard for Wonderbra as when released it caused such a stir. It was put up near many motorways and the makers even went as far as to warn motorists as it was claimed that several car crashes happened as a result of the advert and men being so gobsmacked they forgot about driving.

I think for its time (1990’s) the advert looks very recent, the contrast between the text and picture is perfect and doesn’t push the concept of the Wonderbra in the viewers face but instead introduces the idea gently. This type of advertisement of bras has proven sucessful with women as well as men as it isn’t displaying anything that isn’t obtainable by the viewer.

Not many images such as this had ever been advertised on such a large scale as this one and it was seen as a big step for women.

To look at the image itself in a bit more detail, the face that the text featured is almost talking to the audience automatically creates a connection and grabs the attention of the customer. That is if the consumer hasn’t already been grabbed by the picture of the naked woman on the other side of the page.

The designers have also used a minimal colour scheme within the photo itself so that the Wonderbra logo itself can be put in yellow, and therefore stand out against the black and white.

It was a very effective advert, and made the sales of Wonderbras increase MASSIVELY.


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