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CD Cover Design. Final. Why?

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 17, 2010


After a lot of research to get my head around the use of grids within CD covers and in design itself I decided that the most effective technique might be to use the rule of thirds. Its pleasing to the eye and has been used in a lot of other work that I came across whilst researching.


I positioned the model on the far right third as I feel it creates interest for the eye and an unusual focal point for the CD cover. I then placed the writing to the right hand side on the bottom third, I felt this worked well as it mirrored the model and balanced the front of the cd which I feel is something very important to do when producing an interesting and visually pleasing piece.


I used a script, serif font for the artists name as I feel this denotes creativity and flare and I wanted to bring that to this simple cover. I think used a simple sans-serif Helvetica font for the album title as this is a lot more easy to read and contrasts with the artists name perfectly. Again creating interest for the eye.


Although I wanted the album to be simple I felt that this photograph was ideal as there is a lot going on however the photo is still under stated and simple. The shadow cast across the background of the picture again gives the viewer subconciously something to fill the blank space and therefore it doesn’t stand out as much as if it were just a white wall.


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