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CD Cover design.

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 17, 2010

When trying to find a photographic image to put in the design for my CD cover design I wanted to look at other covers to gain some field research.

As with a lot of other visual design it is valuable to look at what is already out there and draw upon certain aspects of those to create a better design.

I had a picture that I wanted to use in mind and it would have required a solo male for the front of the album so I began my search by looking at solo artists albums that have recently been successful. As they would hopefully have one point of interest within the front cover and show a good template for my own work.

So far I have found that all of the albums have one focal point, the artist and then secondary to that is the name of the artist and the album. The background of the cover is generally very simple, if not totally blank.  I have also found that although some of the albums that I looked at we’re brighter than other a surprising amount of the artists have chosen to keep the colours within the background to an absolute minimum.  I then began to look at how I could use my particular picture within the dewsign for my own CD cover. First of all I used a 5 inch x 5 inch canvas and applied a grid to it. A simple one, to attempt to apply the rule of thirds, as I had noticed that a lot of the artists that I’d researched had seemed to do the same thing. I then brought the picture in and tried to find a suitable position to place it in. I chose this picture because I felt it was quite typical of the kind of thing that is usually seen on the front of a CD.  After using the grid and spending time critically thinking about where the image would look best I decided to place it towards the right hand side of the CD cover, much like the photograph itself I wanted to imploy the rule of thirds as from previous research we know that this is pleasing to the eye.  I tried several effects on the images itself as I felt it was missing something for the final CD cover. Here are just two of the many I tried when attempting to find the perfect CD cover art. I liked the aged look that the photos had and by adjusting the saturation and contrast within the images I liked the effect that I got on the final image. However after much deliberation I decided to use the last image as my final piece.


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