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Grid Case Studies. pt.2

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 17, 2010

The second piece of grid design that I would like to look at is http://www.twitter.com. The website has recently relaunched their website with a new format, a format that perfectly fits into the golden ratio.

The idea of the golden ratio itself is that it is a formula calculated to be the ideally pleasing dimensions for the human eye to look at. It features heavily within many aspects of life, nature, design etc. It is reported that it was used as far back as the Egyptian’s when building the Pyramids.

However in this case it has been used within a website design to make it more pleasing for the eye and easier for the eye to navigate.

The use of the golden ratio has meant that the website maintains constistency and organisation without being boring to look at. The information displayed is well laid out and understandable and that, for the most part, is down to the golden ratio.  Credit to http://www.virtualprojectconsulting.com for the pictures.


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