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Design briefs and what I want to do with them.

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 18, 2010

Brief 1

A top solicitors firm require a ticket for their annual charity ball. Tickets to the ball cost £75 each, and are bought by high flying professionals and executives. The ticket must reflect the tone of the event and the clientele.

I decided to choose this particular brief for a few reasons

  • Luxurious feel
  • Heavy weight of paper
  • Art Paper
  • Embossing
  • Spot UV

Maintain the luxurious feel, remember that the tickets cost £75 and people have a certain expectations.

I also wanted to have a look at other tickets and see what was already out there and what I could take from them.

Very simple but extravagant looking.

Muted Colours. I particularly liked the example below as I think it shows the expensive and luxurious feel that I am going for. The paper looks of quite a high quality and although the main of the leaflet is of a mat format and then the writing stands out very well and might have been spot UV’d although it isn’t very visible on the photo I think that would have fit well.

Brief 4

A company that makes “green” products requires a set of business card for their sales team. The card must reflect their company ethos.

The first phrase I picked up on was the fact that the company want the card to reflect the company ethos.

I wanted to take this brief as the second brief because of its difference to the first brief, in total contrast the materials need to be very minimal and there needs to be an emphasis on the fact that the company is green.

The challenge to use a totally different technique was appealing for me.

  • Obviously recycled paper would be used.
  • A green colour scheme
  • Although it might be interesting to use an unusual shape the wastage wouldn’t be particularly environmentally friendly.
  • Simple design
  • Information filled but as little as possible
  • I’d like to make something that looks a little like this. Very simple and appealing but still harking back to an ethical and eco-friendly aspect of the business card and the company themselves.

Now that I have looked at some of the other offerings from the website I am going to begin my own designs and look at how I can best fulfil the clients brief and most importantly make the client happy.

The up and coming attempts at these briefs will feature in later blogs.


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