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After experimenting…

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 21, 2010

After experimenting with InDesign and Photoshop I found that the grid was although fairly easy to understand it was difficult to put in place. I have focused a lot on magazines and particularly articles and the grids that they commonly use.

When looking through photographs to find some inspiration, I found this image by Ian Gavan at Getty Images Europe and thought it was absolutely beautiful. I therefore began thinking up a grid and article to add it to. I began by looking at work by other designers. The image has a fashionable ora and wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of Vogue so that’s where I started when looking for inspiration.

I firstly examined the fonts that were commonly used in Vogue, amongst others I found

  • Orator
  • Modern no20
  • Eras Light ITC
  • Bodoni MT
  • Agency FB

After looking at several different options I chose the fonts that I felt would fit best. Modern no20 and Bodoni MT.

I then used a grid to place several parts of the piece.

I also used page sizes A3 as a double page spread would adhere to those page measurements.

Grids have definitely helped me to make this piece work perfectly and for once I feel that this piece would have looked

comfortable within the pages of any magazine. Photo credit to Ian Gavan at Getty Images Europe.


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