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Big Final Evaluation.

Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 25, 2010

What I hoped to achieve when beginning this course?

When beginning this course I hoped that I would learn more about the Visual Design industry. I wanted to learn the nessicary tools and tricks to become a competant designer and learn how to implement them when answering a brief. I came into this course with very minimal understanding of the software and a very basic knowledge of Visual Design as a subject, coming from a largely consumer view point.

What do I feel I have achieved?

I feel I have definitely become a lot more computer literate when using the software, such as InDesign and Photoshop. More than that though I have grown to understand the foundations of design, what makes good design? More than just what looks nice. What puts across the right message?


I have learnt a great deal about the fundamentals of design. I have studied and researched heavily the works of other designers and have been competant in critical analysis, looking at the work from a designers view point.


I have fully understand how massive the use of colour is to design. The choice of colour should not be a second thought, it is an integral part of the design process. I have also enjoyed looking at the different feelings and emotions that different colours can connote. It has opened my eyes to colour within design and made me look far more critically at other works and the colours that they have used. For my own work I also know now the appropriate colours to use when attempting to put across a certain theme with colour.


Using, breaking and making the grid was one of the hardest sections of this module to understand for me. However after looking at them thoroughly and researching real life examples of when the rule of thirds, the golden ratio and the use of grid have helped designs I now understand their importance. The importance of grids I found to be integral within design, it dictates the very structure of the piece of design and can very often be the difference between a very good and really bad piece of work. I also particularly enjoyed researching into the history books within this section of the module. The Vurtruvian man was totally fascinating to me and really gave an entirely new perspective on the use of design both now and within history.


Previous to this module I had never previously considered the use of type and typography within design. I have however now got a true understand of different texts and fonts (serif, sans serif etc.) when they are appropriate and what feeling they can give a piece of design. I have used type sucessfully within a lot of my designs, I would however like to explore the use of text and type further within future projects. I also learnt a lot about the use of type within signage. I did a lot of research around the use of type within the city of Birmingham and found that extremely beneficial to my final pieces of work.


One part of Visual Design that I really didn’t know anything about previously to this module was copyright. I have since discovered that the rules and laws surrounding the use of other people work is a lot less restricted that I first thought. I have looked in depth into Creative Commons and copyright when it comes to web based pieces. After the work and research that I did surrounding this particular topic I really feel I could enter into the world of design and understand the laws and guides sucessfully. I have looked into the use of Creative Commons and the many variations of cover that designers can use to protect their work from copiers.

Final Design

When evaluating my final pieces of work that I’ve produce after the several assignments and directed studies I am happy with my progression. As I have become more confident with the software I feel my designs have got better. I do however believe that with further knowledge of the software I would have been able to go further with the designs and make them up to a better standard. I look forward to making more established and interesting designs in the future when I have had further chance to use my skills and progress with design.

If I had have had more time…

I would have primarily furthered my skills using InDesign and Photoshop so I could have progressed with my work to the next level. However I also would have liked to look more at the history of design and why we use certain colours, types and grids and the impact that they have on the piece and the viewer.

In Conclusion I believe I have definitely progressed during my time building this portfolio and feel given the chance I could progress even further.



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