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Posted in Uncategorized by emmajaneallen on November 25, 2010

I managed to find a sample of the card that I would like to use within my business card design. Its recycled and thick so it would be easily embossed, a technique that I would like to incorporate into the design.

I have also devised what I believe to be my final business card I want to present to the company.


The design is simple and clean, something that I think incorporates the image of the company well. I would like to emboss the companies symbol, to make it stand out. Just the E2 section, the rest I would like to keep just simply ink. I would like to keep the finish of the card uncoated as it has the environmentally friendly. I have also kept the shape of the card to a standard 85″ x 50″ as any other shape would have proved wasteful.

Type and Typography

I have chosen to use the classic Times New Roman print as it connotes classical tradition something that I believe would appeal to the business.

Colour Scheme

I have chosen to keep the colour scheme to a minimum as it will look a lot cleaner and tidier. Black and white and using the accent of the beige card in the background.

Paper/card to use

Typically of a business card I would like to use 400gsm recycled card, as detailed on an earlier post. The size will be 85″x50″, typically of a business card.

Although I would prefer to make the card thicker I think this is the most environmentally friendly way to go, it will be thick enough without waste. 


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